Sunglasses and Goggles – Why Are They So Important?

People have been wearing Goggles to protect eyesight for hundreds of years, although not in the form we think of today. It is thought the firt people to use them were the inuits and Yupik, who made sets from caribou antler and skin. They carved them to curve to the users face, and a small slit was cut in the leather to allow the user to see.This prevented a lot of the harmful UV light from causing snow blindness.They even used caribou sinew to hold them on to the head. We can't imagine the design being that popular today, but it was an ingenious method for the time.

Sunglasses and Goggles make a terrific style statement. Who can forget the sight of Tom Cruise with his Ray-Ban sunglasses, as a dashing fighter pilot in the hit film, “Top Gun”? Or for that matter, the pictures of the legendary actress Katherine Hepburn with her goggles have been for long a part of Hollywood lore.

Sunglasses and goggles have been around for more than a hundred years. Fighter pilots in the World War 2 wore them and made goggles an integral part of the whole “fighter pilot persona”. While sunglasses and goggles have always been a part of high fashion, here, we focus on how they protect your eyes, which is why you should wear them, especially when going on a holiday at a beach or while skiing. And this is indeed the most important reason you should wear sunglasses and goggles – they protect your eyes. Read on for more!

How Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes?

Sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from all types of dangerous intrusions, both small and large. As protective eyewear that is also designed to be a style statement – they are unparalleled in their popularity. Not only do sunglasses protect the eyes, they help you create quite an impression on the opposite sex!
But the reason for us to wear sunglasses – at least the most important of all reasons – is that they protect our eyes from the extremely harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which is particularly acute when you are out there skiing, vacationing in New Zealand or holidaying at the beach, has particularly harmful consequences for your eyes.
Exposure to ultraviolet rays causes quite a few eye diseases such as cataracts, photokeratitis, and in the extreme scenario, cause eye cancers, known as, retinoblastoma or melanoma. But if you have protected yourself by wearing sunglasses, you wouldn’t have to worry about these things, you will be well protected.
Sunglasses are also quite effective at blocking the glare, when you are going on a long drive in the morning, when on a trip. Yes, it is also true that they make you infinitely cooler. It’s not unusual for young men and women walk into a bar or a party with a swagger, wearing sunglasses, hoping to draw attention to themselves.
But selecting the right sunglasses is important and you should pick a pair that suit you perfectly and provide the necessary protection. Look up the standard government regulations for eye protection and buy a pair of sunglasses that meet these specifications.

How Goggles Protect Your Eyes?

Goggles are designed to ensure maximum protection to your eyes when you’re out skiing or water skiing, playing a ball sport such as squash or tennis, are at the shooting range, or working with dangerous chemicals or metal finishing.
Goggles are similar to sunglasses, but very different in so many ways. For one, goggles are not as “cool” as sunglasses – they are not cut out to be the ultimate style statements. The number one reason most people have to wear sunglasses is perhaps to look good, and eye protection comes after that. But with goggles, it’s the reverse. People specifically wear goggles for eye protection – looks are secondary.

This does not mean that googles are any less fashionable – they look really quite good for you when you wear them while skiing or water skiing, playing tennis squash, basketball or beach volleyball. Indeed, the tall and fit athletes playing beach volleyball with goggles on, are quite a sight to behold!
The modern day goggles have incorporated the best features of sunglasses – such as protection against the dangerous ultraviolet rays. The goggles used in outdoor sports such as skiing or water-skiing are specifically designed to deal adequately with the harsh glare of the sun on the snow, or on water.
In Conclusion...
As you head off to the skiing hot spots this winter, ensure that you are well protected from the harsh glare of the sun and from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Ensuring the best possible protection for your eyes should be your top priority. That is why, shop around for the best sunglasses and goggles in the market. Ensure that your family – your partner and the kids – are well protected too.